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The Maltese company may be the rocket
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About us – reliable company formation Agents in Malta !

Our company formation agents beliefs and expertise

Our knowledge and expertise gathered thought the years in business lets us to find the best solution for you. 
Company formation Malta therefore can help even in the most challenging situations.

Our company is based in Malta, however we have partners and brunches in many different countries. Our experienced group of qualified personnel: Accountants, Lawyers, Auditors and Business Consultants – have the knowledge and experience in the international tax planning. We will provide you with unique solutions, which will make your business much more profitable.

What our company, Company Formation Malta stands for ?

We, company formation Agents, pride ourselves for one-stop solution attitude, thus we offer excellent customer service, confidentiality, quick response and professionalism.

We have expertise and an insider knowledge on the corporate industry in particular in Malta and a few other countries.
Years of practice, enabled us to create strong links with the authorities and key officials in many industries, that we can pull on your behalf. 

Our views 

Years of experience has shown us that in 90% of cases corporations do not exploit their real possibilities.
Thus the knowledge you would have to acquire and time you would need to spend on planning and executing would not allow you to focus on the company’s main activities.

To illustrate that, think of your company as a complex mechanism, with many parts. On one hand daily activities of the company are catching most of the attention. At the same time we can’t forget about other, less visible parts, such as business strategy and optimisation of the corporate structure. Company formation Agents in Malta can surely help you with that. 

And here we are, we will gladly provide you with our services.
We have successfully served our customers throughout the years and established a large number of companies.
Our customers are wealthy businessmen who can now enjoy extra profits on their income.

In most cases you will not even have to visit the country of incorporation, even if you are always welcome!
We will be glad to apply our proven solutions for your business !

Company formation Malta – What can we offer to you ?


Competitive fees and “value for money”


Top quality company formation services


One-stop-shop solutions to meet your business needs


Advice and consultancy on what corporate structures suits you best


The highest levels of confidentiality and integrity


Wide range of administration and add-on services for your day-to-day operations


We are multilingual


Extensive experience in international tax planning, corporate planning and administration


A personal approach, fast & efficient service at all times

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Our Story

We believe and execute one-stop solution attitude,excellent customer support,confidentiality,precision and professionalism !



Happy Customers 🙂

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