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Company Formation Malta
Sail smoothly with the one of the best tax-rates in Europe and little paperwork.

Boost your business and get a supreme international image.


Whether you want to:

Pay less taxes…
Enjoy access to important financial services and markets…
Protect your money and in an efficient manner control your future…
Enjoy effective corporate tax of 5% !

         As each business has different nature, yet we always choose the best possible tailor made solution and assist you from begining with your Company Formation Malta !

Thanks to CFM namely, we have optimized our corporate structure, outsourced our accounting work and therefore now we can enjoy higher profits on our income balance. All this with a little bureaucracy, thanks to CFM. Highly recommended business partner.

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Are you looking for the best low-tax, easy to manage and convenient location for your business…

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Read more about our services related to Company Formation and on going governance. 

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Company Formation Process

3 minutes read

Here you will find out more about company formation, specifically about company incorporation  process.

Company Formation Malta 6

Selection of Services

1 minutes read

Find out more about our core services within company formation and governance of your Maltese company.

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Malta’s Blockchain Regulation

10 minutes read

Here you will get to know more about Malta’s legal framework of the Crypto Sphere and at the same time answers for FAQ in this matter.

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Company formation and Advisory

Business advisory service advises current and future businesses prospects of a client, with the common goal which is advancing the business. This service would typically involve examining the legal, tax, finance and risks factors involved when making new changes to the business.

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Audit Services

Dedicated audit professionals provide our clients with a wide range of high-level services helping boards and senior executives better manage enterprise risks. Auditing is a highly complex process, and the importance of auditors play a crucial role in the financial reporting chain. Audit and assurance services form a major part of our work. An audit service is independent of the agency’s other departments. In other worlds – Visit this page to find out more about key areas, which should be of your interest.

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Accounting Services

W offer accounting, record-keeping and preparation of financial statements.
Some basic services include:

Maintaining cash flow books
Tax registration
Tax returns
Corporation tax
Tax planning (international)

In other worlds :
Empowering you to make sound financial decisions !


 Company formation Malta – what are the Advantages ?


5% corporate tax (after the refund) – the lowest in EU


Tax advantages applicable for foreign investors


EU compatible tax laws


Friendly and approachable administration


One of the safest countries in Europe


1 week for incorporation without even traveling


English as a second official language which means lower entry barriers for new comers


Euro as a currency


No need to have your own office


No requirement to have a bank account in Malta


Innovative Country focused on growth


Multilingual workforce


Political and economical stability


Sunny and entertaining environment


Malta becomes a Blockchain Island

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Business Perspective  Why to go international ?

Company Formation Malta 10

Travel The World and explore markets

If your business is succeeding in your country of origin – that said, expanding globally is
likely to improve overall revenue.

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Increase sales and profitability

International business trade is becoming a
necessity if you want to keep up in an increasingly global marketplace and enjoy
the potential for cost savings.

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Offset slow growth in your home market

Your business will be less vulnerable to periodic
fluctuations and downturns in your current marketplace.

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Become a Better Entreprenuer

Companies that do international business grow faster and fail less often than companies that those which don’t expand.

Company Formation Malta 12

Outmaneuver competitors

Many export markets are not as competitive as your local market and price pressures can be smaller.

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Reach out to More People

To illustrate.. You can you tap into a world marketplace of 7.7 billion people.What percentage of the world’s population lives outside of Your Country?


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Company formation Malta

Frequently Asked Questions and Key Areas

What is share capital I will have to inject into the limited liability company incorporated in Malta?

The minimum share capital of a private company shall be  €1,165 of which at least 20% must be paid up. Meaning that effectivelly is as little as €233.

What are the yearly obligations of a Maltese limited liability company?

Typical Corporate services include:

Maintaining books and records
Compiling annual accounts
Conducting annual audits
Filing tax returns and refund claim

How many Director's and Shareholders are required?

A private limited company may be incorporated even as a single member company with one shareholder

Is a personal visit in Malta necessary?

Personal vist is not required.

What are Incorporation and annual fees payable to the registry of companies?

Registration and annual Maltese Registry of Companies (MFSA) fees depend on the amount of authorised share capital that the company is allowed to issue.

  • Registration fees range from €245 to €2,250. In case of a minimum share capital it is €245.
  • An annual (yearly) fee is payable to the MFSA and ranges from €100 to €1,400. In case of a minimum share capital it is €245.

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